Vendor Program


It is no secret that at Robinson Empire, we care immensely for our vendors and customers; that’s why we have written this blog article to get you started on how to use our online store platform. Our customers put their trust in us to provide them with the best destination where they can purchase any products. Our customers make those products a part of their households and daily lives, which is what makes Vendors like you so important to us.
We are continually searching for ways to add value for our customers, and we hope to be the world’s most customer-driven online store platform. As a Robinson Empire Vendor, you have a central role in offering those customers more choice, better prices, and a first-rate customer experience with American products. This blog article contains a significant amount of information that will help you start your journey as a vendor on Robinson Empire. If you need clarification or advice regarding any other matter, contact us at [email protected]

The Vendors Platform

We are sure that the first question going through your head is: IS ROBINSON EMPIRE RIGHT FOR MY BUSINESS? ABSOLUTELY!!! Robinson Empire believes in your Dream! We allow the highest aspirations and goals of any businesses (small or large) to be achieved. We showcase your products in the best possible way to boost sales in front of hundreds of millions of potential customers, plus give you the ability to start selling quickly, without having to advertise your products yourself. The biggest household brands sell on Robinson Empire, as do upcoming brands that will be on your radar soon. Likewise, small and medium-sized organisations flourish here, and they represent the greater part of the goods sold on our website. They all sell here for a reason: to make profitable sales to the huge number of members and prospective customers who visit Robinson Empire to shop. Whatever your business is – and whatever size it is – we are here to provide you with a chance to thrive and establish a strong presence on the online market.
When you sign up on, you become a member of a platform that is home to big and small companies selling Any products. At Robinson Empire, our dedicated focus is to provide you with the tools and support necessary to make your selling experience easy.

How Do I Register As A Vendor On Robinson Empire?

The platform is easy to navigate, and signing up as a member is simple. We understand how important it is for you, as a vendor on our platform,to have all the necessary tools to maximise the exposure of your product and to boost your sales.
All you have to do is sign up if you aren’t a vendor yet, or log in if you’re a vendor already. Visit the Vendor page on our website, , to sign up and subscribe for the vendor account registration. You should create your Vendor account using your business email address.

What You’ll Need To Get Started

In order to complete your registration, be sure to have the following information ready:
The name of your business, address, and contact information.
An internationally chargeable credit card with a valid billing address.
Your phone number, where you can be reached during the registration process.
Your tax ID information.
Additional identity documents may be required in some cases.

What Can Be Sold On Robinson Empire

On your Vendor’s account, you can sell numerous items including products from Fashion and beauty, indoor and outdoor hunting gears, indoor and outdoor furniture, Fishing gear and more. Create your vendor profile and upload your product listings for a 30 days free trial, and start selling your products. One of the numerous benefits of signing up with us at Robinson Empire is that we have created a platform for you and your business where you can link your social media accounts to your Vendor’s account immediately after it’s created. This helps to drive a lot of traffic to your store, making more sales.

How Much Does It Cost To Be A Member And Sell On Robinson Empire?

Robinsonempire vendor platform offers the most affordable membership programs of any Vendor’s platform on the Internet. Subscription fees: These are the fees you pay for your selling plan, and they vary depending on which plan you select. You can choose a pricing plan that suits the size and stage of your business.
For the Bronze subscription, vendors pay $199.00 each year, after a 30 days free trial. A vendor can list up to 150 Products during this subscription.
For the Silver subscription, vendors pay $299.00 each year, after a 30-day free trial. A vendor can list up to 250 Products during this subscription.
For the Gold subscription, vendors pay $399.00 each year, after a 30-day free trial. A Vendor has an unlimited number of Product listings during this subscription. See our Vendor registration page for more details on our different package options.
We also offer the lowest percentage fee per sale on every product sold on our vendor platform. Selling fees: These fees are charged per item sold, and they are a percentage of the selling price. They sometimes vary depending on the product’s category.
As a Vendor, you are in charge of handling the goods, sticking to the rules and regulations governing your products, delivering them to the customers, shipping charges and the return of damaged goods. We showcase your products in the best possible way to boost sales in front of hundreds of millions of potential customers, plus we give you the ability to start selling quickly, without having to advertise your products yourself.

Posting Your First Item

To sell an item on Robinson Empire, you need to create a product listing. You could either use an existing listing (on the off chance that another person has previously sold a similar item on Robinson Empire), or you could simply create a new listing (if you are the first vendor to sell that product).
You have the choice of either listing your products in large batches, bulk uploading using an Excel-based inventory file to add multiple product listings at once, or using the add a product feature on the vendor page to add one new product at a time.

What Do I Need To Start Listing Products?

Robinson Empire uses product IDs to identify the exact item you are selling. If you match a pre existing listing, you won’t need to provide a product ID, since it already exists. In addition to a product ID, here is some of the important information that goes into each product listing:
Product title
Product description and bullet points
Product images
Search terms and relevant keywords Following prescribed procedures for adding product listings can have a major sway over the success of your products. Make it simple for customers to discover your products by adding unmistakable titles, clear pictures and concise, feature-based bullets points to your listings. Keep away from things that could adversely affect your dispatch.

The Product Detail Page: What You Need To Know

The product detail page is the place where customers see an item sold on Robinson Empire. If you’ve shopped on, you’ll most likely recognize the Robinson Empire detail page. It’s the place where customers can locate all the pertinent information about a particular item.
As you are constructing your product detail pages, consider what will best assist prospective customers to discover your items, find answers to their inquiries and settle on a buying choice. Focus on a definitive customer experience by making your listings succinct, exact and straightforward.

Fulfilling Your Orders!

Robinson Empire is a Merchant-fulfilled online store. This sounds complicated, right? No, it’s not. Merchant-fulfilled simply means that you store and ship products directly to customers yourself. Robinson Empire does not, in any way, collect and keep or handle goods from vendors. The vendors set the rules and regulations guiding their products.
The vendors control the following aspects involved in the sales of products: handling of goods, delivery, shipping fees and the return of damaged goods. Shipping rates are based on the product category and shipping service selected by the customer; this amount is then passed to you in the form of a shipping credit

Getting Paid As A Vendor After A Successful Order And Delivery!

When sales have been made and you have a positive balance, Robinson Empire sends your accumulated earnings to your bank account, the details of which you provided during registration, using an electronic funds transfer. It can sometimes take up to five business days for the money to be reflected in your bank balance after Robinson Empire initiates a payment.
Before Robinson Empire can pay you, you must have provided a valid bank account as a Deposit Method in your Vendor account settings. We can not make payments to a credit card or online payment system, such as PayPal. Your first sale is a big milestone, but this is only the commencement of your profitable sales on Robinson Empire. is here to help you make your online business thrive. Let us be a part of your business world, and we will be more than happy to have you as a partner for our fast-growing business platform. Have you got any questions or ideas to share? Drop them in the comments section now.