At Robinson Empire, we take SEO very seriously. Once your registration process at
Robinson Empire is complete, here are a few steps to take to make your product
visible to search engines e.g. Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN, etc.
Once you follow this guide, our system will make your products visible to the world
within three days.
Just make sure that all the details like product titles, images and descriptions are
This is a full, simple SEO Guide which can boost your sales. Log in to your account and go to my account in the top-right corner.
You will be presented with a clean dashboard.
You will see the Store Manager Section on your dashboard.
Go to Store Manager.

Your Vendor Dashboard will appear.
This is where the magic happens.
Go to Products Sections. Start Adding New Products or Edit your Previous

Start Adding New Product or Edit your Previous Products.

Fill in the product’s details
At Robinson Empire we encourage our vendors to provide as much accurate
detail as they can.
After adding basic details, add Some tags, because they are important for SEO not
only at Robinson Empire, but also on other Search Engines.
Scroll Down to the bottom of the Product page. You will see the SEO section, where
you can add Search Keywords and Meta-Description.
Add those very carefully. When the product shows up in a search, e.g. at Google,
the Meta-Description of that product will appear.
Now we are done with Product SEO.

Scroll Down to bottom of Product page you will see SEO section where you can add Search Keywords and Meta-Description.

add those very carefully when the product will be shown on serach i.e. at Google it will show Meta-Description of that product.

Now we are done with Product SEO.

Store SEO

All that remains is Store SEO on Robinson Empire. Because more than one vendor
can sell the same product, you will have to do some store SEO as well as product
SEO. You will only need to do this once, and it will allow Robinson Empire’s system
to submit your store to search engines, so it’s worth doing.

Go to Settings from Vendors Dashboard

Go to SEO Section.

This Section is For Store.
Add the Details of Your Store.

Save it.

That’s all! Now you can rest easy; leave everything to our system and our team.

Thank you for being part of RobinsonEmpire.

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