Membership Wallet Program


At Robinson Empire, we are proud to have you as a vendor or partner on our platform. You are vital for the growth of our business. That and more is why we like to make your journey as a vendor, customer or partner as easy as possible. You are more precious than jewels. So, sit down, read and enjoy as we carefully and simply explain what our Membership Wallet Reward Program is, and what you stand to gain with this Reward Program. First, we would like to explain what a membership plan is.

What Is A Membership Plan?

A membership plan is a subscription to an association, organisation or company you have enrolled in (like our online store platform). The membership program qualifies the buyer for specific advantages or benefits. Every member’s program makes them an active and functioning part of the company for a particular time frame, with a beginning date and end date, and qualifies them for advantages. Robinson Empire’s programs are extremely adaptable – most companies can make plans that coordinate with their association’s policies in under 15 minutes, with no custom coding required.

A Subscription Plan – How Do I Go About Creating One?

Visit our website on your Web browser. Sign in to your member account on the website board, and explore our member’s subscription plans. Enter the required information – each subscription plan requires a name, a billing method, and a subscription fee. Any remaining fields are optional. Click Save. Your plan is currently accessible to members.

What Is The Robinson Empire’s Membership Wallet Reward Program?

The Membership Wallet Reward Program is a free program available for customers on This wallet reward plan is tailored to help you save as much money as possible every time you make a purchase.

Which Subscription Plan Should I Choose?

Our vendor platform offers extremely affordable membership programs. You should choose the pricing plan that best suits the size and stage of your business. Bronze: $199.00 each year after a 30 days free trial Vendors can list up to 150 products Silver: $299.00 each year after a 30-day free trial Vendors can list up to 250 products Gold: $399.00 each year after a 30-day free trial Vendors can list unlimited products

Additional Features

Additional benefits include: Grow your business with Robinson Empire Apply to sell in additional categories. Save time by creating listings in bulk. Manage inventory with feeds and reports. Qualify for top placement on product detail pages. Set your shipping fees for customers. Engage more shoppers by linking your Vendor’s account with your social media pages.

Other Benefits Of The Membership Wallet Reward Program

Robinson Empire awards a great discount to every member on our platform.This serves as a token of our appreciation to our customers for their commitment to us.

How Do I Delete A Membership Plan?

It’s simple to delete a membership plan. The following are a few things to think about before choosing to delete your membership. We suggest that you do not delete your membership while you have customers relying on it. Their subscriptions will stay active and will keep being charged.

Closing A Vendors Account

To permanently close your Vendor account, request an account closure on your profile dashboard. Keep in mind that you could suspend or remove your product listings while retaining your account for future use. Before you close your account permanently, remember to cancel and remove your product listings and resolve all of your transactions.


If you are not a Robinson Empire member yet, then we strongly encourage you to sign up and to take advantage of all the great discounts we have with the Membership Wallet Program. We designed this program to help you save as much money as possible. Keep shopping with us and thank you for being a true value customer to our company. As our esteemed customer, vendor, and partner, we would love to hear from you. Tell us how we can improve and care for you better at Robinson Empire