Our team is committed to building the best platform to help your business succeed. We’re here to help you boost your company’s sales and help customers differentiate your products from the competition. We gather data from customers, vendors, partners, and website visitors to better provide the best experience for everyone involved.

Easy-to-Find Products

We’ve optimized our website to be user-friendly so everyone can have a great user experience. We make it easy to find what you’re looking for with our convenient homepage and category pages.

Product Categorization & Filtering

Our website is categorized into groups of similar products. We’ve organized vendors’ goods into categories like Electronics, Accessories, Fashion, Health, Gadgets, and Outdoors. We also allow customers to filter products on our website, allowing customers to explore categories of similar products. Customers can further refine their searches with brand, price, size, color, and size to narrow their results. We help you find the products you want.

Great Product Pages

Robinsonempire.com provides the best product pages that strike a balance between providing customers with the information they want without overwhelming them with useless details. We provide a thorough description of products, including details like dimensions, weight, and color, to help customers make an informed decision. Our product pages also highlight the benefits based on the use case, helping customers determine if the product solves their particular problem.

Educating Customers, Vendors, Partners, and Visitors

Content like this page and more on our blog provides helpful, informative content for our users. This makes our website more than an online store. It makes our website a resource on products or unfamiliar categories.

Mobile Website

We can’t overemphasize the need for vendors and customers to be able to shop and sell from their mobile devices. That’s why we’ve built a mobile website that runs smoothly and provides a positive experience for mobile visitors. Our mobile website is design-responsive, meaning it automatically adjusts to the size of the user’s screen, ensuring that customers get a mobile experience similar in appearance and functionality to a computer.

Membership and Vendor Accounts

To offer the most convenient experience possible, we offer vendors and customers the option to create an account and become a member. If you wish, we can save your information to provide a smoother browsing experience without the need to enter the same information multiple times. We’re talking about billing details, shipping addresses, and more.

If you’re crunched for time or making a purchase on the go, this addition to our site allows you to purchase products quickly without having to enter all of your information again.

The membership and Vendor account also gives you access to utilize our Membership Wallet Reward Program.

The Membership Wallet Reward Program is a 6-month Wallet Reward program available to vendors and customers on Robinsonempire.com.

As a vendor, when you signup and subscribe to our website, you will receive a FREE 6-month reward to upload our product listings and make sales on our website.

As a customer, this membership reward plan will save you money every time you make a purchase by commenting on our vendors’ blog or when you refer a friend to sign up and shop on our online store.

See our Membership Wallet Reward Program article for more information.

Timely & Effective Customer Support

These days, people like their questions answered immediately. We offer prompt and effective customer service and support to provide the best experience for customers and vendors at Robinson Empire.


Security at Robinson Empire

Customers share some of their most sensitive information on online stores. This information includes their names, addresses, and credit card details. That’s why we put forward our best efforts to process customer data in a secure manner.

Robinson Empire doesn’t handle any of our customers’ credit card information. We don’t collect, store, or process such data in any way. Rather, we support several popular payment gateways that process customers’ payment information.

Payment Processors’ Secure Page

When a customer places an order, Robinson Empire sends the order information to the payment processor and securely redirects the customer to the payment gateways’ webpage where they enter their credit card information. When payment is complete, the payment processor sends a reply — a callback — to Robinson Empire confirming payment.

Pay Without Leaving the Store Page

Some payment processors are integrated into Robinson Empire’s website. With these, customers aren’t redirected and can pay right on the store’s checkout page.

When this is the case, Robinson Empire works within a customer’s browser. This way, when a customer enters their credit card information, the data is not transferred to the server where our website is located. Robinson Empire connects directly to the payment gateway via a highly secure channel and sends a request with the order information. This information isn’t transferred, passed through, or stored on our servers. The payment gateway performs all operations with this data and returns a callback confirming payment to Robinson Empire.

Data Acquired from Registration

All data in your Robinson Empire store — products, customers, general information — is stored with Robinson Empire. We regularly scan our website for breaches. We also protect this information with updates and backups of your store’s information. We store this data on Robinson Empire Services — the most reliable and secure hosting solution.

Enjoy Robinson Empire

We are committed to giving you the tools and confidence you need to buy and sell all of the greatest products online. We would like to hear feedback from you on how we can improve your experience with our online store.


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